Foundations were laid in 1968 for the birth of a Rugby League division of the Cromer Youth Club. From the 18 people that attended the inaugural meeting held on the 7th August, 1968 a committee was elected to manage a football club as a division of the Cromer Youth Club.

Initially this was to cover three codes, League, Soccer and Union but after a number of meetings the division was disbanded in favour of a separate Rugby League and Soccer divisions. This arrangement was successfully completed for the Rugby League division on the 20th November 1968 by electing the first Rugby League committee.

President: John Englert

Vice President: Kevin Stanton

Secretary: Annette Williams,

Treasurer: Allen Verity with Neville Olsen, Kevin Flemming, John Williams and Roy Heidke as the committee.

Initially 6 teams were entered in the competition
N Grade,
M Grade,
L Grade,
K Grade,
J Grade and I Grade.